Alérion Roller Throttle Body (ENG)

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Alérion Roller Throttle Body (ENG)

Sometime you have an idea, you think it could be nice to see it come true so you decide to put some effort and ressource on it to see what it could be for real. This could be the story of our Moto3, but today we are going to tell you the little story of our roller throttle body.

Back in 2013, we were designing the moto3, a lot of work to do on the frame, but we were still thinking on how to improve engine performance just playing with external components, as, already at this time, we had the feeling that engine tuning was not a relevant option as competitive engine were available on the market and that rules were leading on chassis manufacturer championship using "plug and play" engine from engine manufacturers. Future showed that Moto3 will even become a bike manufacturer championship.

There was not so much room for improvement on exhaust, and exhaust manufacturer were already working on that side, so we decided to put our effort on intake side.

After submitting a collaboration proposal to ENIM (engineering school in Metz), we started a project with a student from this school, Florian Platel. First task he as been asked to do was to list up all the existing technologies on throttle body and find the best option for our purpose.

Technologies Comparison Roller

Each technology has been rated, by calculating a weighted average rate of all functions. Roller technologies came out from that analysis as the best option for our purpose.

Then, to design the product according to functional requirements, we listed these functions (main and constraints) and defined how to fulfil them.

FAST throttle body alerion 


Two designs have been then developed in parallel, one using a roller with a round shaped flow section, and the second one using an ellipltic shaped section.

Alerion Roller throttle body designAlerion Roller throttle body design


You will find below some slide of the design report. 

Alerion Roller throttle body design

Alerion Roller throttle body design


Alerion Roller throttle body design


We finally selected elliptic option, achieving a very compact and nice design, fulfilling all the listed functions, with flawless flow passage and optimized for manufacturing.

Functional validation had then been done with a 3D printed prototype. Unfortunately, 2014 season was getting close, and priority was to have bike ready for the pre-season, so we put this project on old.

Next step would have been to validate pressure drop reduction on flow bench and check performance increase on engine bench.

To conclude, we can say that it's a pity that we didn't go further with this development, indeed KTM, Honda and Mahindra went to this solution in the year after showing that we were right on the technical solution and on the timing, but most of all it was an incredible opportunity to collaborate with ENIM school, collaboration that then lasted for several year, and also to step forward our engineering methodology that we applied successfully on designing the bike.

We would like to thank Florian Platel for his fantastic job at Alerion, and ENIM for our really rewarding collaboration over the years.

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Throttle Body 3D printed - barrel roller








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